Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 2 Term 1

Welcome to Week Two in Room 7
By Brianna, Yechiel and Marley
We have a School Opening Mass tonight.
We walked down to Our lady of Grace church
On our way we saw a dead hedgehog.
by Brianna

We created  tally charts in maths.
We made covers about ourselves.
We learnt about bar graphs and pictographs.
By Yechiel

We got new furniture!
We wrote adjectives about Bruce the shark.
We did a lot of P.E. like a lot of running around and we played Get the Teacher -  you have 1 tennis ball and the teacher and some kids run in a line and you need to roll the ball and get their feet, by aiming really well.

By Brianna and Marley

We have been learning small ball skills in P.E.!

 Here we are in our class - we are just about to walk to Our Lady of Grace!
 We had such a nice Opening Mass Picnic with our families!

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