Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Skate and Trampoline Day

Today Rooms 7, 8 and 9 went for a day out of the class, to the Dialed Indoors Skate and Tramp Park. 
Here is our PMI for the day. A PMI is a plus, minus and interesting reflection on our day. 

Our pluses:

  • Playing dodgeball on the trampolines - Amelia
  • Using the ramp in the skate park with mats. - Riley
  • Running up the trampoline. - Michaela
  • Winning dodgeball!! - Fletcher
  • Jumping! - Mrudula
  • Being the last one left in dodgeball. - Yechiel
  • Throwing the ball in the hoop on the tramp.- Ella
  • Jumping into the pit! - Rebecca
  • Flipping and barrel spinning into the pit. - Carter
  • Doing heaps of flips on the trampoline - flip mania!  - Jack
  • I liked how I was jumping off the box - Mollie
  • I loved how you couldn't control yourself when you were bouncing. - Brianna
  • When you ride the scooter up the ramp into the foam pit and you jump off.  - Noah
  • How you could bounce freely. - Maddi
  • When you were doing circles around in the skatepark. - Sophie G
  • Bouncing on the bounciest trampolines ever. - Rachel
Our minuses:
  • Our toilets were dirty. - Lily
  • When my arm was tugged around the park by my friends. - Sophie G
  • We got so sweaty and sticky. - Ella
  • How Tessa twisted her ankle on the trampoline. - Maddi
  • How I got double bounced. - Charlie.
  • How on some tramps you could feel the sweatiness through your socks! - Brianna
Our 'interesting' facts:
  • Lots of the ramps were really big on the skate park. - Michaela
  • Doing the big, cool tricks on the skate park.  - Carter
  • I have never seen so many trampolines in one room in my life! - Mrs Wall
  • I found that I tried to take chances. - Amelia
  • I learnt how to do something really fast in the skate park off Liam. - Charlie
  • Yechiel wanted to know why Mrs Wall didn't bounce on trampolines and go skating. Mrs Wall secretly had a little jump one time on the trampoline. 
  • I loved doing flips. - Mrudula

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